Can I borrow books from the study room home (off-site)?

The borrowing off-site is possible but only for a limited period of time.

How many exemplars of books can I borrow at one time?

A registered user of the library with a valid license may borrow two books at once. Users are not allowed to borrow books as another user and increase the number of borrowed books

How to register ?

Students of the 2nd Medical Faculty have access to the Library /Department of Scientific Information/ with the personal Charles University Student Card (standard version or combined with ISIC card). The Cards are launched at the CU Card Issue Centres. For more information on Cards agenda and opening hours of the Issue Centres please check the web page: http://www.cuni.cz/UK-2763.html

In some books a CD is inserted but I cannot open it. A password or code is required. Where can I get them?

The password cannot be obtained because the license is not intended for multiple users. Some titles are installed on the PC in the study room.

What are the possibilities of computers in anatomical study? What databases are installed on these PCs? Will there be a database of Primal Pictures (3D animations) or a different one?

In the anatomical study there is an Internet access from local computers. Primal Pictures Database is no longer accessible and in the near future there are no plans to purchase any other 3D anatomical databases.

What does “for a limited period of time” mean? For how long and when can I borrow books?

Books from the study room can be borrowed for the weekend only. You can borrow books on Friday after 12:00 a.m. and they must be returned until 12.00 a.m. the following Monday at the latest. During the holidays there is a different period of borrowing books. The date and time of possible lending and the necessity of returning books is announced on the message board in the study room and on the website of the Institute of Scientific Information at http://knihovna.lf2.cuni.cz/ in advance.

What happens if a book is not returned in the given time (in most cases by 12.00 am on Monday).

Books must be returned by 12:00 am. If the loan period is exceeded, the user must pay a penalty for late returns of 50,-CZK. (otherwise another day is charged). After paying a penalty fee, the user receives proof of payment from the study room employee.