Remote Access to e-resources

What is Remote Access at Charles University /2nd Faculty of Medicine?
Remote access allows you to use the e-resources from anywhere, from any internet location. You can access to these resources from home, from abroad, in the internet cafe etc. Charles University (CU) runs a system for remote access to electronic information resources via OneLog/EZProxy for employees and for university students.

What is necessary?

1) to be employee or student of CU, 2nd Faculty of Medicine

2) to be registered/to have an account at CU Authentication Services and to have CU Employee/CU Student Card (see:

If ou have the CU Employee / CU Student Card:

  • Your ID = number printed under the photo at ID card as your username
  • Password = you received the password along whit the CU card . You probably followed the instruction and changed the password within 10 days
How to access the databases?
1) from the library website Department of Science Information menu – “Top Databases”

  • choose the e-resource
  • click the icon of the Shibboleth ra ( remote access)
  • enter your ID and password


Now you can work whit the e-resource the way you used to !

2. from the Charles University E-resources Portal website Portal PEZ


recommended – browse resources by „ institutions“ and choose the 2nd Faculty of Medicine
resources are sorted by alphabetical order:

  • click the title of the database to get more info about the resource
  • click the | remote access] to get access from anywhere , outside the 2nd Faculty of Medicine


E-resources administrator for the 2nd Faculty of Medicine:
Petra Mášová, Bc. – Department of Scientific Information
tel.: 224435852
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