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AccessPharmacy contains more than 80 significant publications and textbooks from the publishing house of McGraw Hill. AccessPharmacy is regularly updated by a team of experts. By selecting here you will find:

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Personal MyAccess account – used not only for remote access, but also for saving favourites, creating folders, completing quizzes, using the mobile app, etc. It also provides teachers (on request) with access to teaching materials.

How to create a personal teacher account:

  1. To successfully register, you must connect from the faculty IP address
  2. At, click on the name of the institution at the top right
  3. Click on the “Sign In or Create a Free MyAccess Profile” option and then on “Create a Free MyAccess Profile”
  4. Fill in all the details, use the email address with the domain as the email address.
  5. After successfully creating an account, you need to contact and indicate that you are interested in extra Instructor resources for AccessPharmacy
  6. Every 90 days you must log into your personal account from faculty IP addresses

Content maps are also available that reflect educational programs and standards, and provide links to relevant publications in McGraw-Hill products (e.g., Doctor of Pharmacy Program) for each topic .

New features include:

  • 16th edition of Katzung’s Basic & Clinical Pharmacology
  • Email newsletters can be set up via the Get Alerts link on the home page, but a personal user account is required.

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